Best romance film i ever seen "Bright Star"

Jane Campion, I never heard of her or her movies. So for the first time I watched a movie created by Campion. They say first impressions is important, and the Bright Star film really made a good Impression.

Story about true love.

So this is story about a girl Fanny Brawne (Abbie Cornish) and a man John Keats (Ben Whishaw) who lives next door. This Fanny girl read one of Keats book named Endy.....??? something (Oh its "Endymion", and she finds herself even more drawn to the taciturn Keats. Fanny didn't know much about poet so she ask John to teach her about poet,but John grow a feeling towards Fanny. But this love affair is not approved by everyone else cuz, John don't have an income soooo yeah that's about to cover it right?

What a couple.

So i notice Fanny Brawne enjoys sewing, almost all of the clothes that he wore always eccentric, colourful, and different. I don't know how old Fanny is in this movie, But its cute how Fanny is keep chasing and very kind and caring toward John. Fanny personality and John Intelligence is a perfect combination for this love story, I mean the two of them really make this film feel so real. 

Separated by Distance.

John is told in the film is someone who is always travelling from one place to another, If i correct first is Scotland,and then London,and then Italy. Well I don't know what made Fanny really sad each time John go, I mean I know there is no email or phone but they can still send a letter right? But who I'm i to judge.

"Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art"

You know another thing I love about this movie, This movie is full of sweet poem. Well I don't really know about poem but i like to hear  it. I really love the ending when Fanny read Bright Star poem, I don't know why but i just like it.

 Love story doesn't always happy ending.

The first time i lay my eye on this movie I know it wouldn't be happy ending, and I'm right after John went to Italy after few week he died. And another thing I love about this movie is Fanny reaction to John death. Abbie act is extremely good. Watching Fanny cry, I don't realised tears dropping from my eye. But I don't know is it kinda weird, First John went to Italy and suddenly few month later that cursed latter come, I mean what John doing there, We don't know, the movie supposed to explain that.

Hmm i think that's all from me, I really enjoy every second of this movie, it really worth watch. If you need more info please visit this imdb link and this is the trailer, enjoy........
So this movie released in 2009? That mean 6 years ago (Gosh why nobody told me about this awesome movie) Anyway thanks for reading, Please do comment and keep your life entertained see ya.

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