Cloud Atlas (2012)

On this occasion I will review the film cloud atlas from my point of view. Cloud Atlas is a very unique film in which six films with different genres will combined into one movie. Actor's in this film was consist of several actors whose role will change in each arc.

Its not that confusing, I just don't get it.

What is more confusing than a movie? 6 complex films combined and encrypted and then played randomly, That is Cloud Atlas. The film has multiple plot lines set across six different eras, that make this film unique and different from other film.

It has six plot.

Pacific Islands (1849)


 The first arc is about an American lawyer named Adam Hewing, He travelled to an island to do business that his father-in-law assigned to him. On the island he witnessed a slave being torment, that in the end the slave is secretly joining Adam in the journey back to America, Meanwhile a doctor named Dr.Goose secretly poisoned Adam to take valuables Adam.

Edinburgh (1936)


The second arc is about Robert Frobisher, a bi-sex English composer. He cooperated with a famous musician named Vyvyan Ayrs,When Robert was in Ayrs mansion, he found a book that was written by Adam Ewing (I'm assuming but pretty sure). He also read that book, but he never finish it because it was missing the other half. After some time working with the Ayrs he managed to finish the symphony entitled "The Cloud Atlas Sextet" . Ayrs wish to take credit for it claimed that the symphony is the result of collaboration they both.(What a di*k)

Oh by the way, You have to listen to this
It the extended version of "Cloud Atlas Sextet" I love it soooo much

San Francisco (1973)


A journalist named Luisa Rey tried to expose about the negative impact of a nuclear reactor run by Lloyd Hooks. He met a physicist named Rufus Sixsmith (Oh by the way,Sixsmith was Robert lovers from the last arc) which will help bring down the nuclear reactor. But Sixsmith end up killed by Llyod assassin, But Rey find a letter written by Robert addressed to Sixsmith that end up Rey tracking down "The Cloud Atlas Sextet". After that she met Isaac which i don't know who he is. (Sorry i don't really get this arc,I'm gonna watch the film again tonight and update it) What i know is that Rey finally succeed to take the reactor down.

London (2012)


The next arc is about Publisher named Timothy Cavendish, Timothy work together with a writer named Dermot Hoggins. Hoggins kill a critic that gives bad reviews of the book at a grand party, which at the end make his book sales skyrocketed. Later A brother of Dermot asking share of the sale of the book but Timothy has spent all the money. He asked for help to his brother named Denholme. Finally Denholme provide aid to Timothy. Denholme send Timothy to temporary hideout.On the trip he read a manuscript that containing story Luisa Rey that reminds him of his past. Arriving at the hiding place, Timothy realized that the place is not a hotel but a nursing home. Timothy ended up with three new friends trying to escape from that place.


Neo Seoul (2144)


 Ok this part is the most interesting arc.A clone named Sonmi works in a fast food restaurant in korea. One night, a man named Hae-Joo Chang kidnap Sonmi and brought her out of the restaurant.Chang shows Sonmi the world that she never seen before. Chang also showed a film about Timothy escape, which inspired her to rebellion against clone slavery.

Unknown Island (Beyond Future)


On an island in the future, Zachry Bailey a man who lived in primitive watched his brother killed by a cannibal tribe.This tribe  worship a goddess named Sonmi (See,Everything connected). One time, his tribe visited by modern society, one of them is named Meronym. Meronym ask for help at Zachry to guide him toward the communication station named Manua-Sol. On arrival at Manua-Sol, they found that Sonmi is not a goddess but a human being who died many years ago. In the end Meronym invited Zachry along with her sister to go off the island to someplace.

That's it all the 6 Arc. 

Incredibly Awesome Makeup.

Each actor can transform drastically in each arc, even some actors acting trans gender and trans race.

Shocked? Yeah me too.

I'm gonna watch it again,and again,and again

Honestly I haven't really got the story. I think I'm gonna watch it again tonight, And after that I'm pretty sure I'm gonna watch it again for the 3'rd time. I mean the story is complicated I know but that make the movie less boring right?

Ok people that's all from me, If you need more info check theImdb link and here is the trailer..........
(It awesome right???)
Anyway thanks for reading, Hope you enjoy it and keep your life entertained see ya.


-I love most of the actor (Kinda personal yeah)
-Amazing Soundtrack
-Peerless Makeup
-Interesting plot (or maybe i just don't get it)


-Crazily transition to each arc (Its like watching tornado)

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