"The Hour" BBC

Conspiracy never taste this good.

Another film from BBC Channel, God I love BBC. I just finished The Hour Season 1 in a single day. Its really classy show remembering it take place in London 1956, I mean tuxedo everywhere and wearing dress as daily outfit gosh. So this story is about news programme called "The Hour", well its actually not about the programme but behind the scene itself.

I don't really know what happen in 1956 but in this show, They talked about spy a lot. At first i thought it will be an action show, But it is not. Unlike James Bond or Sam Fisher who shoot every single person, the spy tend to be low profile here.
The conflict here not only about spy but also secret love affair between the Producer and the Anchorman. (So its like combining detective movie and telenovela its weird but its good)

Breaking more than just the news.

I never like news programme. Its not like I hate them but I'm prefer cartoon more. I don't know how hard is to prepare a news programme and I'm sure you too. Everyone always stress and tense and pressured the whole series. There is no single episode with no smoke and alcohol (Its like cigarette it their breakfast)
And you know what, the ending. I'm not satisfied by the ending,gosh I believe they could do something more.

Anyway maybe I'm gonna watch the season two (I wonder what happen next)
 If you need more info please check the imdb link
See you later and keep your life entertained.


-Fast paced story but easy to follow (well sometimes i got lost)
-Incredibly good acting
-60 min's per episode

-Surprising but Unsatisfying ending
-It talk a lot about politic (I don't get politic)

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