This War Of Mine

In War,Not Everyone is a Soldier

11 bit studio really do a great job making this game, Just like the subtitle says, you're not playing as a soldier in this game but only a civilian trying to survive the war in a "non-decent" shelter.
Well its your job to make the shelter more livable and get through winter season. That is true this people is not a soldier,but who needs gun when you have a heart and companion by your side. These People has a different skill from each other, Like some of them is a fast runner,and the other is good cook. With a good combination you may survive this war.

We need more food

In situation like this you can't just walk to supermarket and get some groceries (Well actually you can). You have to scavenge for food,material,parts,and weapon. At first the scavenging is too easy,i mean there's a lot save place with a huge stuff waiting to be found. But then...........
You have no choice but to take it by force. (That easy for you to say,you're not in my position) Some of this people can get sad even depressed by stealing and killing innocent people (even sometime killing the bad guys can still depressed them). But also some of them can be little more tolerating (I mean this is war,We have to do anything to survive).

I can't take this anymore

Emotion play big role in this game (It could affect your emotion too) Everything just fine until winter come and I have no heater and end up............
And end up.............
Jeez, I thought we can get through this.

Well that's it from me. This War of Mine is a great game the game is really intense you should buy this game,Here let me put the link Steam

And this is if you need more information This War of Mine Wiki

I think that's all. Oh by the way this game is coming to IOS this July Wow can't wait.Have a nice day and keep your Life entertained.

-Simple yet addicting gameplay
-Really demand you to play until the war finish
-By buying the DLC you help the Charity for war child
-Making a hard decision

-After you beat this game once,well i don't think like play this anymore
-Few minor bug

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