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BBC released another film. This morning i watched movie called Lilting featured Ben Whishaw and Cheng Pei Pei as main Character. I always loved film released by BBC because it accent its British, But this movie, Judging by the character i think its gonna be oriental tasted movie, Well i watch it anyway.

I think the movie take place somewhere in Europe (Maybe England,since its BBC product). The story begin when old woman named Junn (Pei Pei) met his child Kai (Andrew) In sheltered home. They have a nice conversation until some  random woman come in (Its Margareth and I'm not sure who is she), And then I realize that Junn only flashbacking her memory with her Son Kai. After that another Stranger (Richard) come to see her and i don't know why, Junn seems really hard on Him (I mean Richard really nice guy if you ask me). Later Richard brought a translator to help Junn to.......??? y'know talk to Alan (Junn Friends). Not only that they begin to piece together memories of a man they both loved (Kai).

Two different culture in same movie

Its really unique movie,i mean like watching two different culture assimilate and blend together oooohhh its really nice.

 I really enjoyed the conversation between Junn and the other because first She say a sentence in Chinese to Vann (The translator) And then Vann translate it to English, That very creative right (and not effective in real life).

Junn and Alan love story

It really sweet you know watching the two of them together. Well yeah it sweet at first but this relationship is not a good idea. At first they just hanging out together without knowing what each other says. But after Vann coming they try to know each other including bad behaviour. Alan is such a dick and Junn is really hard ass woman and now they end up never see each other again. (What a ending -_-)

Richard and Kai love story

 Richard and Kai is a Gay lovers,you know how hard to be gay lovers. You can't just walking around holding hands and kissing at park all the time. They conceal it even to Junn (Kai mom). Kai was too scared to tell her mother about his relationship with Richard (Seesh i know how's that feel). So in this Story Kai dead on the day that he supposed to tell his mother that He gay.(Hmmm that really something isn't it?)

Richard and Vann love story

I really do hope they getting along together y'know

But unfortunately that love story never happened. Thats ok its still a good movie.

Ok maybe that's it what i think about "Lilting" (I dont even know what lilting is). Its a awesome movie about love and understanding (You did another good job BBC) That's all from me have a nice day and keep your life entertained.
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-I love the drama
-Blending two different culture create a unique expirience
-The transtition between flashback and real life really smooth, Love it <3


-It gets boring in the middle of movie
-I can't feel the momentum

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