"Bride Wars" Film From My Perspective

Get ready people, Bridezillas on the road!!!!!

Okay I don't remember when is this movie released, but i'm pretty sure somewhere between 2008 and 2009. This is story about two best friends Liv (Kate) and Emma (Anne) whose find out that they are married at the same day at the same time, And they do everything to ruin each other wedding. Is that cover it???I think so. You get the point just look at the movie poster.

Tom & Jerry in real life.

The way they trying to stop each other is really funny, I mean it made me laugh, I dont know why so many people give a low rating to this movie. And what i love the most about this movie is funny script writing.
"That Bitch" I love this part
 (Yes that true sometimes i get bored and just wanted to skip to next funny part) Its really clever how they prank each other, I mean blue dyed hair and that bright orange tanner hah that funny.

I couldn't help but wonder, Is that no other place to marry than Plaza? Why those people get really fierce just because Plaza....Wait i realize this trouble all just because simple problem.

It really entertaining movie but i won't watch it second time if you ask me,its kinda boring.
Maybe thats all from me (I dont know lot about movie,what i know about film is i love to watch them so im not reviewing,I just.............well just say what i Think)
More info about Bride Wars
And here's the trailer.............

 Anyway keep your life entertained and have a nice day.


-Well.......???umm its a funny movie with a good script writing.
-Oh and i get it for maybe 3 buck,its kinda cheap

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