Dark Souls II

You think you skilled heh???

I can say this is the hardest game I ever played in my life (I don't know is that bad thing or good?) This game require really intense strategy for an action RPG game.At first you can choose a starting classes: Warrior,Knight,Swordsman,Bandit,Cleric,Sorcerer,Explorer,Deprived (That doesn't really affect the game experience if you ask me) and a bonus item (i can't remember). The tutorial itself well it little weird, the tutorial is a written stone on the ground and its didn't really teach you how to play this game. (It more like trial and error)

Different weapon,Different style.

Just like what i said, Maybe as Knight you use shield to block every incoming attack but slower movement, Or maybe you prefer swift swordsman with dual wield sword and fast movement you can run behind your opponent and back stab them. Or maybe you're more magic person with staff and chimes kill your enemy before the fight even start.
You want to block it or just roll back?That your choice

Have I said "This is the hardest game i ever played"???

The combat itself quite complex, You have to know when to block or when to dodge,cuz some attack can't be blocked and some of them are hard to evade. Even after you master the combat system, Fighting multiple enemy is a bad idea.

Buddy this ain't Dynasty Warriors run for your life
Now, Even after you killed all the enemy your problem haven't gone yet. If you killed in this game no matter how, All the enemy you just killed will re-appear YES I REPEAT THEY ALL RE-APPEAR oh and You lost all your soul and you slightly become a zombie, Now death in this game really punishing isn't it.

Size doesn't really matter

Just because  it big doesn't mean it strong..........
And just because it small doesn't mean it weak..........
Play it yourself, you'll know what i mean

And just because it's Big doesn't always mean they weak
After play it for a while i realize that most of the enemy has a huge size hhmmm..........

Have i tell you how hard this game is.........

Sooooo last night i played this game, I'm not master but I get the hang of it, I remember has about 20k souls at my possession and then I fight some stupid minion (its 5 of them i recall) and I get killed,Yes even in this game a simple minion can kill you, Hah that's fine now I know how to beat them with my new strategy. Ok I'm coming for you. And you know what happen, Just before i reach the place i died, I fall from the cliff (Seriously -_-") I was like "Dude really" maybe some of you can just laugh at it. I lost my 20k souls,maybe for some of you 20k is a small amount of souls, But for me, Its a lifetime collecting. And then I decided to use this............
That's right, I used Cheat Engine to make unlimited souls and buy unlimited life stone and skyrocket my level, After that i go to blacksmith and bought all the best armour and the best weapon,and of course I upgrade them all, And then I back to Sinner 's rise to get my revenge. So far so good (everything slightly easier) until i face that crappy boss.......
Yes that's the one
And I get killed again. You know what my point is, Just because you has God level and best equipment, It still a difficult game. Unlike any other game, Even if you cheating the game still challenging (Or maybe I'm unskilled gamer) until i read this blog (Sorry can't remember the name) that says Victor's stone covenant affect game difficult....................sooooo that's why...............Even after i leave the covenant, I still died like 3 times per hour, So this is basically the most difficult game i ever played EVEN after i used cheat.

Honestly I haven't finish this game so maybe that's it for now, I'm gonna back and try to finish this game.
If you need more info about Dark Souls II you can visit that website.
And if you haven't play this game, I suggest you to get it here Steam (That one is SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN version, i recomend to get that one since it include all the DLC) 
Oh and here's the trailer
Thank you for reading, Hope you enjoy it. Have a nice day and keep your life entertained bye bye............


-Addicting gameplay
-Unique enemy design
-Took a year to finish
-Lot of place to explore
-Challenging gameplay


-Minor bug (Honestly I don't know what to say)

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