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Do you love watching movies?  I love watching movies, I mean who doesn't. But when you download a subtitle and put it to your movie sometimes there is a bug that make voice and text doesn't sync (Y'know like when you disable the v-sync at game) But fear not my friend, I have the solution for you, I have the tool that can solve your problem and it called "Subtitle Workshop" Its a freeware released by sourceforge to edit and manipulate your subtitle.
Before we begin i add the download link if you haven't have it.
Ok here we go.......

First Open your subtitle workshop
This is the interface
And then load your problematic subtitle (you know how to do that right?file-load subtitle)

To make it even more easier load the video (Video-Open)
Gonna be look like this
You can see in my case, I have an un-needed subtitle so im gonna delete it.
Just simply select the un-wanted text........
Like that
 and press"delete", simple

Now the scyn-ing part. Play the video and listen carefully when is the first line spoken (Y'know when the actor open his mouth,pause the film)
You can see in my case it says write it down. Now you can simply select all the text (ctrl+A)
and press (alt+M) and you done OOOORRRRR you can check when is the actor spoken the last line...........
Ha,dat face

You can see my last text says "The country is waiting, Mr Hafiz.
I must press you." so now i have to look when is the actor spoke this line which is in my case is write it down.

Now you have the first and the last spoken line,next press ctrl+B and put the timing you've write down.
And done. I know the second method took longer but I think its more accurate, Anyway if it fix the problem who cares.
Ok that's all from me, hope this post help you fix your subtitle problem.
Thanks for reading and please do comment. Have a nice day and keep your life entertained.

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