Deemo 2.0

Deemo 2.0 released

I know the game is released about month ago but i don't have much time to play the game. It took me like literally 1 month to complete it. Oh and by the way 2.0 update include new storyline and of course a new songs.
Maybe some of you already played this wonderful game if you haven't......well download it.

Deemo story is about a little girl who fall from the sky into magical castle which is Deemo home, Deemo itself is a mythical being who....umm.......played piano well??? i don't know,what i know is he play piano well and he never talk,well sometime he said something like "...." and ".......".Oh and he's black no offence but Deemo is literally black.

Play the piano,grow the tree

The main idea of this game is to help the little girl back to her home,but you know that she fall from the sky,so the only way to get her back is grow the tree as high as possible.
(The better you play,the higher you get)
If you complete any song for the first time you will get about 0,200m. And if you get All Combo that mean no miss,you get about 0,400m. And if you get All Charming which is all perfect you get about 0,600. The problem is you have to reach 50,000m to complete this game.

New Songs

Deemo 2.0 contain several new book and inside that book contain new song.I think the new book is Deemo collection 2 (extended storyline),Knight Rosabell (Chapter Knight part 2),Aioi,M2U X Nicode,and N.M.S.T. This new book is really worth every penny especially M2U X Nicode i love it so much.

New area to explore

For people who already played this game you might realize when the tree reach 20,000m,the cutscene and credit played and thats it the game finished,but now in 2.0 you can explore the room behind the painting on the East wing room.Not only that there also tree house,balcony,and stairway.

Extended Storyline

How many video game that can make you cry.One of the Deemo pros is touching story line,well i wont spoil it but maybe i can share some hint.

If you know what i mean.

Well thats it Deemo 2.0 its reall good game guys.Its on Google Play and App Store so grab it right now,see you later and have a nice day.

-Touching storyline that can make you literally T_T
-Playing piano never this easy and this beautifull
-Lot of song to play

-Where the hell is my piano feedback?Its gone.
-Less stable for low device like Ipad 1 (It doesn't even support it)
-1Gb?You gotta be kidding me?I mean its way too big for my Android

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